Public Bible Talks

The Bible: A Guide To Middle East Peace

21.05.17 - Richard Mellows from Caerphilly Christadelphians explores what the Bible says about the Middle East. He touches on the anniversary of the 6 day war and how Jerusalem will ultimately become the world's future capital at the return of Jesus to the Earth.

Christ: A Sure Foundation

08.10.17 - Jonathan Basten explores the role of Christ as a foundation stone in the lives of his followers.

Why Does God Permit Evil In The World

29.10.17 - Phil Round from Kinver explains why God created both peace and evil and why disasters and calamities were brought into existence.

Remember Your Creator

05.11.17 - John Thompson covers the importance of putting faith into practice.


12.11.17 - Tim Ponting explains how the Bible doesn't support the theory of Evolution or theistic Evolution, and covers the consistency of the Bible and how death came into existence with the sin of Adam.

The Gospel Preached to Abraham

19.11.17 - Duncan Movassaghi examines the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding the good news of the Kingdom of GOD


17.12.17 - Nathan Taylor talks about contentment and how this can positively affect our lives from a Bible point of view.

The Resurrection of Jesus

31.12.17 - Julian Pavett takes a look at evidence outside of the Bible which confirms the accuracy of the resurrection of Jesus.

What the Bible Says About Attitudes to Each Other

21.01.18 - Mike Harrison from Dudley QC outlines the Bible's view on both good and bad attitudes and the benefits of aligning our actions and behaviours with Bible teaching.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

28.01.18 - Tim Hughes from Longbridge Christadelphians covers the history, present and future of the City of Jerusalem and the hope this gives for the future.

God and His Promises to David

04.02.18 - Ben Collard from Longbridge Christadelphians explains who the young Shepherd boy and later on King David is and his significance in the Bible.

God's Answer to Prayer

11.02.18 - Matthew Taunton from Kings Norton Christadelphians explains what the Bible teaches about Prayer and how God answers our Prayers.

Are You a Disciple of Jesus?

18.02.18 - Steve Ridgeway from Redditch Christadelphians covers what a Disciple is and how we can also be a follower of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Message

04.03.18 - Andrew Smith from Earlswood Christadelphians explores God's plan for the World as it's recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible and through to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of the Bible.

Should We Fear the Devil?

11.03.18 - Alan Taylor from Longbridge Christadelphians covers the popular Christian views of who the Devil is and how it's been misinterpreted throughout history. And then he further explores the Bible's true views on the Devil and how this relates to us.

Paul's Madness, a Key to our Future

25.03.18 - David Brown from Coventry West Christadelphians reveals why Paul the Apostle was wrongly perceived as mad and explores other Bible characters that were also accused of this.

God's Precious Promises

15.04.18 - Roger Wood from Castle Bromwich Christadelphians compares the Precious Promises in the Bible made thousands of years ago in contrast to the temporary Promises offered in this World.

What's the Solution to Jerusalem?

22.04.18 - Philip Brown from Wythall Christadelphians explains the relevance of Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy and how it's a sign to the near return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hope for a Hopeless World

06.05.18 - Alan Taylor from Longbridge Christadelphians takes a look at the situation the World is in now and how the Bible gives us a hope of a better World.

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