To us the Bible is priceless, and we want to share its message with you

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Who are the Christadelphians?

Christadelphians are ordinary people who dedicate their way of life to the principles set out in the Bible. The name means 'brother or sister in Christ' and is based on the Greek word 'adelphos'. There are Christadelphians all across Birmingham, the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Our faith is based solely on the Bible and our message to everyone who will listen is focused on the original beliefs and practices of first century Christianity - the true gospel.

In Longbridge we have a lively membership of around 40 people of all ages who meet regularly for worship, friendship and Bible study.

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Come and meet us

Sunday Evenings at Longbridge Christadelphian Hall, Longbridge Lane - All Welcome - Just drop by to the hall on a Sunday evening to enjoy a Bible Talk exploring the importance of God's message for us today.