Meeting Times

Sunday School - Sunday 9:15am

Breaking of Bread - Sunday 10:45am

Sunday Bible Talk:

Our Sunday Bible talk times alternate every other week.

On the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays in a month the Bible talk starts at 1.45pm.

On the 2nd and 4th Sundays in a month the Bible talk starts at 6.00pm

Bible Class - Wednesday 7:45pm

Finding Local Christadelphians

A locator tool - Just select your area on the map.

Part of the 'ThisisyourBible' site which provides the opportunity for Bible questions to be answered in 24 hours and lots of other helpful information.

Glad Tidings Magazine

A monthly Bible Magazine - A free 6 month trial is available through this website. The magazine aims to:

Encourage everyone to read the Bible, God's inspired message

Christadelphian Office Publications

The publications found here will help you to read the Bible effectively. Bible reading planners, study guides and expositional publications can all be found here.




Weekly World Watch

This website provides the opportunity to sign up for weekly updates on the events leading to Christ's return to the earth. These updates can be provided direct to your inbox.

Learn To Read The Bible Effectively

If you find reading the Bible frustrating or difficult at times, then this FREE course is for you. It is an 8 part course sent to you by email as a pdf attachment.

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