Why I Know God Exists

The planet we live on is so perfectly positioned it has to have been designed that way.Our bodies, from the intricacy of the human eye to the complexity of blood clotting mechanisms could not have happened but chance.Also the many prophecies that have already been fulfilled in the bible, years after they were written, show God's hand at work.
These are some of the reasons I know God exists.


I believe in God and that he is the creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is on the earth, in the seas and in the air. God created trees, flowers, vegetation. God created the sun, moon and stars that give us day and night and the seasons.God created all things in the right order so that man and all living creatures had the food and water they needed to live.God in his love and mercy gives us the food and water we need to sustain our mortal bodies. God has also left the Bible which is the word of life, the water of life, and should we choose to obey his commandments, we can be part of the Kingdom on earth.


1. The magnificence of creation that demands there is a Creator
2. The golden threads of scripture
3. Israel re-established 1948 and Jerusalem 1967


As a beekeeper, I see the wonder of God's creation every time I open a hive. The more I learn about bees, the more I am astounded by them. And if that is true of bees, how much more the human body with all its intricacies!I hold in my hands a bible that reveals centuries of prophecies already fulfilled, and current bible prophecy happening day by day in front of my eyes.These are just two of the reasons that I can be confident that God exists.


I am in awe of Gods creative power; whether I’m out in the forest amongst the plants, trees and streams, or I take a look at my own uniquely detailed fingerprint, I cannot help but think of God as the great creator of all things and how He knows each of us uniquely (the Bible says He knows the numbers of hairs upon each of our heads).The existence of Israel as a nation is another reason. They are God’s chosen people and even though they have been through various captivities and persecutions they still exist as a nation today. And God still has a future plan for them as a nation, to become the centre of His future worldwide Kingdom rules over by His son.


I believe in God. He himself may be invisible but I can see evidence of His existence everywhere I look. Even after the longest, darkest and coldest of winters, my back garden bursts into life. Spring is a miracle that happens every year right in front of our eyes! I see God in the beauty and complexity and diversity of the natural world and I cannot believe that all that came about by chance. Nothing comes from nothing! Scientists now accept that the universe had a ‘beginning’ but something, or someone, external to the universe must have been the force to bring it about. Given the design and balance within nature, that speaks to me of a superior mind behind its creation – a Creator. Did a watch come about by chance? How much more complex and wonderful is our universe?!

Our world is perfectly positioned within the Solar System to sustain its abundance of life. I do not believe that came about by chance either. I see that as more evidence of a Divine Designer, who has a unique and wonderful plan and purpose with this beautiful world He has given us.